Today's Birthday

Family matters will take center stage over the next few months and it will fall on you to make sure that no one feels they have been disrespected or hard done by. Use your people skills to soothe bruised egos, be they real or imagined.


If you let slip information that can in some way or other be used against you it most likely will be, so watch what you say and watch who you say it to. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that everyone wants to see you succeed.


You need to rethink something of a creative nature. Maybe you expected too much of yourself, or maybe you expected too much of other people, but either way you are going to have to make changes. Make them changes that primarily enrich you.


As Mars moves into the career area of your chart today your belief in what you are doing with your life will be renewed. Find ways to let employers and people in positions of power know you are ready to take on more responsibility.


Over the next few weeks your energy levels will soar and you will get through twice as much work as you usually manage. But don’t spend all your time working because this is a time for fun as well. Have you thought about taking a vacation?


It’s not like you to imagine you have secret enemies but for some strange reason you have been looking over your shoulder a lot of late. What have you done that might make others want to hurt you? Most likely nothing at all.


Partners and loved ones will be a bit aggressive today and there is a danger that you will react in kind. Don’t. The more you indulge in trading insults now the more making up you will have to do later. There’s no percentage in it.


You will take on tasks and responsibilities over the next few days that at most other times you would seek to avoid. Don’t overdo it though. If you burn yourself out this week you will spend much of the following week trying to recover.


As energy planet Mars moves into the most dynamic area of your chart today you must stop feeling sorry for yourself and start doing the things that will make your existence more enjoyable. What is it you desire above all other things? Go get it!


You will have to deal with a relationship problem today and it may not be as easy as you would like. You may be willing to let bygones be bygones but it seems not everyone feels the same way as you. Keep working at it though.


You will be in an argumentative mood over the next few days. Just be careful you don’t come on too strong and turn people against you for no good reason. If you do, even close friends and allies may choose to avoid you.


You have built up quite a head of steam in recent weeks and if you are smart you will find ways to keep it going. The only area where you might have to watch out is where cash is concerned. You can’t afford to buy everything!


You will be singing your own praises loud and clear over the next few days, and no doubt with good reason. Just remember that whatever outrageous claims you make you will, eventually, be expected to back up your words with action.